• Alex


Recently, Molly Mae Hague, a 22 years old influencer, former contestant on "Love Island" and creative director for PrettyLittleThing was invited to speak about her life, career, and achievements by Steven Barlett on his podcast, The Diary of a CEO. During this 1 hour and 42 minutes discussion, they are going through some interesting subjects but one, in particular, started some controversies. She stated:

“Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in the day that we do and I just think, like, you’re given one life and it’s up to you what you do with it, you can literally go in any direction.”

This caused a massive backlash for Molly Mae because of her lack of sensitivity towards poverty around the world. If we say it literally, yes, we have 24h in a day, but for some, this is the problem, there are only 24 hours in a day. Even though her PR team tried to minimize the damage as much as possible, her followers called her out and summed up her, and sought out an apology from her.