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Have you ever heard the saying one bad apple spoils the barrel? Turns out it’s actually true. Here are 3 reasons to let problematic clients go.

Reason 1

Your client has little respect for your professional advice.

Your clients are experts in their field, and it's crucial to remember that you are as well, which is why they hired you in the first place. You can spend so much time with troublesome clients trying to keep up with their 'expert' instructions that you wind up allocating less time and energy to your non-problematic clients.

Reason 2

You spend too much time chasing payments.

You deserve to be compensated for your services, and while late payments are understandable on occasion, if this is a recurring issue, you may need to terminate the client relationship. This also applies to clients who try to haggle; this could indicate that they are cash-strapped and risk going out of business in the middle of a project leaving you in deficit or with an incomplete project.

Reason 3

The client is disrespectful to yourself and your team.

A client who is disrespectful is not worth any amount of money. It's critical to halt disrespectful behaviour as soon as it starts for the benefit of your company's health. You can also send out client behaviour standards before you start working with a client ensuring that they are aware of what behaviour is required of them.

 Terminating client relationships can make you feel like a failure, and the process can be financially draining, but it is well worth it. You should not have to put up with a poor working environment. It will destroy your self-assurance and may lead to you quitting. Read our client behaviour policy to see how we establish positive working relationships in the beginning.

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