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We customise every service to suit your business needs.

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Social Media Management

Contrast specialises in social media management and content strategy across all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Clubhouse. 

We use our Public Relations background to tell your brand's story to your ideal audience in a way they will understand.


Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing is an essential component of a restaurant's success. Using our industry expertise we create effective marketing strategies to engage and retain existing business and also attract new customers. We use various marketing channels depending on the marketing strategy decided for your business. The top marketing channels we use are social media marketing, events, online branding, public relations and paid advertising. We also integrate traditional marketing strategies such as ; magazine ads and press releases.

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Content Creation

Content creators often find it difficult and time-consuming to source locations and produce quality content for brands on time! Our content creation packages vary between one hour to 4 to support creators to produce the best content for brands or to build up your profile.

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Social Media Campaign

Our social media campaign service is a concentrated squeeze, we combine multiple coordinated marketing and pr activities which provide a major boost to your brand reputation, awareness or sales. This is done over a certain period with measurable outcomes. This can be limited to one social platform or spread across multiple.


Influencer Marketing

We work with and have direct access to the top influencers in the UK. We have the ability to increase your brand exposure through influencer marketing. 

We work with influencers on a paid and gifted basis.  


Brand Management

We work with graphic designers, creative directors, photographers and local artists to build your best digital identity online.

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